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I’m a field ecologist; I observe natural phenomena, conduct experiments in nature, and simulate nature in the lab. Right now, my research questions tend to focus on freshwater environments. While at Queen’s University, I trained as a paleolimnologist. During my time with the Canadian Rivers Institute, I gained experience in aquatic ecology and fisheries biology. Now, I’m hoping to expand my skill-set to include genetic techniques, in order to answer ecological questions from multiple perspectives.



I’ve written for many audiences; from peer-reviewed academic papers to posters for first-graders and everything in between. My award-winning writing style is clear and concise with a smattering of humour and relatability. I’m also a detail-oriented critical thinker so, naturally, I’ve become an effective editor. Currently, I coach undergraduate and graduate students to improve their writing skills.

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I love exploring my natural surroundings and travelling to visit new ones. Combine this with my love of writing, and it seems completely normal that I would have a blog.  I like to think that “The Green Bin” is a compost heap where all my thoughts go to decay, in the hopes that something new might grow. In reality, it is record of my local and global travels, thoughts along the way, and other tidbits I don’t want to forget.

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