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Who I Am

Hatchery Mortality Reference Sheet
I’m a graduate student in  biology with a passion for the English language and the outdoors.

I believe in scientific literacy, the Oxford comma, and the power of the metaphor.

What I Do


I’m a field ecologist; I observe natural phenomena, conduct experiments in nature, and simulate nature in the lab. Right now, my research questions tend to focus on freshwater environments. While at Queen’s University, I trained as a paleolimnologist. During my time with the Canadian Rivers Institute, I gained experience in aquatic ecology and fisheries biology. Now, I’m hoping to expand my skill-set to include genetic techniques, in order to answer ecological questions from multiple perspectives.



I’ve written for many audiences; from peer-reviewed academic papers to posters for first-graders and everything in between. My award-winning writing style is clear and concise with a smattering of humour and relatability. I’m also a detail-oriented critical thinker so, naturally, I’ve become an effective editor. Currently, I coach undergraduate and graduate students to improve their writing skills.

On Communication

What I Can Do For You


I love exploring my natural surroundings and travelling to visit new ones. Combine this with my love of writing, and it seems completely normal that I would have a blog.  I like to think that “The Green Bin” is a compost heap where all my thoughts go to decay, in the hopes that something new might grow. In reality, it is record of my local and global travels, thoughts along the way, and other tidbits I don’t want to forget.

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On Communication

The great enemy of communication is the illusion of it. [William H. Whyte]

I pride myself on scientific integrity and clarity.
So I don’t ‘dumb-down’ any concepts.

I find better ways of communicating ideas. 


What I Can Do For You


There’s nothing I love more than getting people excited about science. I’m a confident and engaging public speaker with experience communicating material to and as part of the general media, as well as at academic conferences and in public school classrooms. I can lend my enthusiasm and experience to many aspects of your project’s communication strategy; identifying your target audience, refining your vocabulary, and disseminating your message. We can also work together on your media relations strategy; I can write press releases, coach interviewees, and recommend responsible journalists. I understand how important it is that your findings are communicated with integrity, since we’re all aware that funding depends on political will, and political will depends on public engagement. I’ll ensure that your results make it to the public intact, and that they are never “dumbed-down”.


If you want a scientific story reported responsibly, then look no further. I’m an award-winning writer with an extensive background in science and academia. That means I need to spend significantly less time teaching myself the basics, freeing me to delve deeper or look more broadly – inevitably enhancing the quality of the story. I also implicitly understand my subjects and their everyday, ivory-tower struggles. Plus, I’m determined. My background in research has trained me how to ask questions, deal with frustration, and find answers. So, whether you’re an editor looking for a fresh new writer or a scientist with a story that needs to be told, I’ve got the skills and enthusiasm to far exceed your expectations.

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Are you struggling to find the narrative in your research? Do you despise copy-editing your own work? Is your paper in need of some TLC? I can help. Since birth, I’ve been known as exceedingly critical and meticulous. Over the years, I’ve honed my skills to ensure that my criticism is always constructive. Currently, I tutor undergraduate and graduate students in all disciplines of science and engineering who need help structuring thesis chapters, copy-editing manuscripts, and improving their vocabularies. Previously, I’ve peer-reviewed manuscripts for publication and edited media content. I can lend my keen eye and passion for semantics and etymology to help you sniff out and improve the problem areas in your work. Whether it’s a deep examination of the structural integrity of a paper or simply ensuring that you don’t embarrass yourself with a misplaced typo, you can benefit from my scrupulous nature.


What I Study

For many hydrologic regimes of the world, streams and rivers are ice covered for the majority of the year, yet minimal research is conducted during this period compared with the more “researcher-friendly” open-water period. Without a doubt, scientific progress is hampered by the logistical difficulties and high cost associated with conducting “winter” research. [Prowse, 2001 [part II]]

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